16 1/2 reasons you may need term life insurance

  1. Your Wonderful Baby Girl just had her fifth birthday party at Muir Beach with all of her friends
  2. Acquired a new two million dollar home in Tiburon complete with a 1.6 million dollar mortgage
  3. Second Child, a boy is delivered at Marin General Hospital in Greenbrae
  4. Risk management seminar in Los Angeles has you wondering about your life in San Anselmo
  5. Need Key Man Life Insurance for your Novato Construction firm
  6. Want to leave something for little Joey living in Petaluma in the event of an accident
  7. You listen to Clark Howard on your San Rafael commute, and take his advice seriously
  8. Have more debts than assets and don’t want to leave your wife worrying in Tamalpais Valley
  9.  Turned off by a pushy whole life salesman in a San Francisco presentation
  10. Having trouble going to sleep at night in your home in Kent Woodlands and its not the crickets keeping you up
  11. Met with an Estate Attorney at your home in West Marin and they suggested term life as a simple cost effective way to plan
  12. Sick parent in Marin retirement home got you thinking
  13. Ski house in South Lake Tahoe still has a mortgage and your three kids are all on ski team
  14. You are a stay at home Dad in Mill Valley and your wife commutes to Walnut Creek and you thought only employed people need life insurance, then you started thinking and realized that term life insurance is for stay at home spouses also – Have you seen the cost of Day Care?
  15. Your Business Attorney suggested a Buy Sell Agreement for your Larkspur based partnership and neither of you have the cash in case of an emergency to buy each other out – who does?
  16. Your life insurance needs are decreasing each and every year as your kids grow, your Marin house is getting paid off, and your kids head off to college at Berkeley – all because you have a financial plan.  But still, is this enough?  Ultimately you want a bit of extra cushion for your wife and kids in Fairfax, California
  17. Peace of Mind in Ross
Reasons you need term life insurance

Consider Term Life – Marin County

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