5 Insurance Shopping Myths in California

How Shopping for Pasta during the Pandemic and Buying Insurance Right now are similar Five Common Insurance Shopping myths you will find online [and why they dont pertain to you] A quick read of the interent and how to save on home insurance will repeat the same five to 10 myths over and over. Unfortunatly […]

The Orinda Insurance Crisis

State Farm Nonrenewals appear to be hitting the small town of Orinda the hardest in all of Northern California. In may in fact be the hardest hit in the entire state. In 2024 State Farm announced that it would non renew over 1,500 policies in the small east bay town. This represents over 50% of […]

Knob and Tube is now Uninsurable

Knob and Tube, a form of a very old electrical system, is now all but unisurable in the California Howeowners Insurance marketplace, in our opinion. In other words if you are shopping for home insurance with Knob and Tube- Do not call me. Marindependent may only have one pretty bad solution for you. All of […]

Yes Marin County, Keep that Chubb Insurance Policy

It happens all the time. I get that call almost every week/month. My Chubb Insurance policy is so expensive, I want to shop it around. Really? Many consumers are unaware of the horrible state of the property insurance market these days. Although that is indeed changing as more learn. General Property Insurance Advisement for 2024: […]

2023 a Fun Year in Insurance [Not Really]

Welcome to 2023 and this might just not be your typical blog post. My blogs have historically attempted to be helpful, yet accurate in helping consumers and business owners in how to procure the best types of insurances. Sometimes that means sending you elsewhere. Sometimes that means selling you just part of the package. Editors […]

Zesty AI and the California FAIR Plan

This just in – the California FAIR plan is to partner with Zesty AI. This announcements has come through multiple methods including an email sent out to California FAIR Brokers. The Zesty AI program will be used for the purposes of underwriting and premium determination. In this short article we will discuss the little we […]

Did the Economist Magazine Just Call Out the California DOI?

A fascinating, challenging article in the most recent Economist Magazine, dated July 13th 2023 – titled Why people struggle to understand climate risk – may have challenged the thinking of the California Department of Insurance and its Commissioner – Ricardo Lara. The article, which is in part based on Climate Change, Risk Management, and Risk […]

State Farm Stops Writing Home Insurance in the Bay Area [and the rest of California]

State Farm and its various mutual entities have long held out as the sole admitted insurer writing new policies in much of California. As of today – May 27th, 2023 – this is no longer true. According to numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal, Sac Bee, Fox Business, and many more – State Farm […]

The Insuranceflation Story

California is undergoing a tremendous increase in insurance costs. We call this rising cost of insurance – insuranceflation. The causes of insuranceflation. Some obvious, some not. What is Insuranceflation? Simply put insuranceflation is the increasing cost of insurance. Buy a house and watch the cost to insure it go up each and every year – […]

Technology Professional Liability Coverage

Technology Professional Liability Insurance is often known as Tech E&O. This form of commercial insurance is a must have for most tech companies. Tech E&O can help protect you from claims relating to the profesional services you provide to your clients. This line of coverage is often required under Independent Employment Contracts. In the world […]

Recent Landslides in Marin 2023

Recent headlines concerning various landslides and mudslides in Marin County and East Bay during the torrential storms of January 2023 has reminded us of an important risk mitigation challenge. Landslides are seldom Covered. However the differences between Landslides, Mudslides, Mudflows, and Flooding are important. According to ABC News “Nearly 20 residents have been displaced after […]

Professional Liability Insurance in San Francisco

Professional Liablity insurance is often closely tied to General Liability Insurance – but they are not the same. Businesses that have Commercial General Liability policies should always attempt to explore a Professional Liability policy alongside it. Occasionally – the difference between a given claim hitting one policy vs the other is hair’s width of difference. […]

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