Why is My Insurance Agent Upselling me?

Question for my Insurance Agent: Why do you keep sending me offers for insurance products that I do not want? Why are you upselling me? A Similar Question for my agent: Why do you seem solely focused on selling clients new products? Both of these are solid questions can be asked of the entire insurance […]

Cyber Insurance in San Francisco

For many business owners, Cyber Insurance protection is an after thought.  But it shouldn’t be, in today’s interconnected world it might just be your very first business insurance policy, especially in the Bay Area. “I have got to get General Liability Insurance first”, most people think.  However they get GL and forget to follow up […]

Med Pay Auto Insurance in California

Med Pay, or Medical Payments Auto Insurance is a type of Optional Auto Insurance Coverage that many consumers overlook. Typical coverage amount options include: $1,000, $2,000, $5,000 and some carriers go as high as $100,000. Medical Payments coverage is optional, meaning that the state of California does not require automobile drivers to carry this coverage.  […]

Marin Home Insurance

Buying Home Insurance, also known as Homeowners Insurance in Marin county can be a complex task.   Read to properly insure yourself. The Biggest Insurance Issue facing Marin Homes. Why Saving money might not be the best bet. The five different types of home insurance in this area. Many people incorrectly assume that the lowest […]

How to Properly Protect Your Home from Wild Fire in Marin County

How to protect your Marin home from a wildfire. A simple and detailed action plan to assist consumers in protecting themselves during these changing times. Our article will show you what you can do as well as some of the potential insurance changes that need to be made.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Does pet insurance make sense

Is Pet Insurance Worth It? Americans love owning pets. The American Veterinary Medicine Association found in 2012 that 36.5% of households owned a dog, over 30% owned a cat, and thousands of households owned everything from rabbits to snakes. All told, roughly half of all American households have a pet of some kind. What most […]

Life Insurance Marin County

Life Insurance Marin County is different for a full variety of reasons.  Therefore your choices different and more unique. First off, Marindependent, is not an insurance broker that will try and oversell you some overpriced whole life insurance policy that you do not need.   We specialize in affordable and simple Term Life.  We are open […]

Will Home Insurance Become More Expensive in California

With the recent massive fires that have ravaged Napa and Sonoma and now the horrific fires in Los Angeles, is it likely that Fire Insurance Rates will Go up? A Quick Review of how Home Insurance Works with Brevity: Fire insurance is typically sold under the name of homeowners or home insurance in the US.  Home […]

California Affluent Insurance

Think things are different for the 1%, imagine their insurance scenario. Unlike most Americans, Affluent Americans need to consider insurance from a much different angle. A typical middle class american may use insurance to cover both the financial loss and the financial cash flow, but for affluent Americans this may not be the best play. […]

Why Not? With Earthquake Insurance

The Earthquake Problem: Californians are at risk to a huge potential problem.  However, many of us are hiding our collective heads in our shaking soil. The Golden State may have the sun combined with a healthy economy, but there is a significant danger lying out there for owners of homes.  Earthquakes. Although significant advancements have […]

Apartment Building Private Flood Insurance

Apartment Building Private Flood Insurance is typically required of buildings that carry a mortgage and that are located in high hazard flood zones.  By FEMA definitions these flood zones basically include the A and the V zones.   There are variations of these two types of flood zones, but essentially if your building is in […]

Qualify for Cheaper Flood Insurance through the Newly Mapped Program

Want to check to see if your home qualifies for the newly mapped flood insurance program? Qualify for Cheaper Flood Insurance ? Need to Check an Address?  Want to see if you can save money on FEMA Flood Insurance? What is the NFIP Newly Mapped Program? The National Flood Insurance Newly Mapped Program is a process […]