Home Auto Discount

The Home Auto Discount: There are dozens and dozens of discounts out there in the world of Insurance.   Some of them are odd and some of them are obvious.  Of all the discounts the one that is most mentioned by insurance agents and insurance commercials, is the so called Home Auto Discount.  At least […]

Don’t Get the Cheapest Insurance, Get the Best Insurance

It has been said numerous times, that in the absence of value, price is everything.   In today’s world of multiple insurance quotes, I find that many clients that seek my assistance have been led astray.   Insurance is more than just a premium.  The coverage forms for home insurance are entering a mind boggling […]

Documenting your Personal Possessions for Homeowners Insurance

Recently I posted a short article on Wallethub about how to document your personal possessions.   For home insurance it is imperative that you do so.  Insure undocumented possessions at your own peril.  Please read this entire post Documenting your Personal Possessions for Homeowners Insurance for important details. Lets be frank here, Insurance Companies realize […]

How to Check Consumer Complaints on Insurers

How to Check Consumer Complaints about Insurers.   Ranking for Insurance Companies.  Thoughts on Consumer Complaints and Insurers. From Time to Time, I find it interesting to check in on the performance of the various insurance companies that do business in California.  Being a free agent, I am open to broker insurance with numerous companies.   As […]

Obvious Ways to Keep your Insurance Clean from a Good Insurance Broker

Semi Obvious Ways to Keep your Insurance Clean from a Good Insurance Broker. There is lots of noise out there about insurance.  Much of it is dedicated to purchasing Auto or Home Insurance.  Not enough seems dedicated to protecting you – the consumer.  How best to protect myself and my family?   How can I customize […]

The Swiss Army Knife of the Financial World

It has been said that Whole Life Insurance is the Swiss Army Knife of the Financial World.  Where else can you have one financial product that solves so many financial issues and provides insurance?   Builds Cash Value, Pays for your Child’s College, Saves for Your Retirement, and Insures your Life.   Wow –  All in one! […]

Fireline and Your Home

fireline score

What is a Brushfire or Fireline score?  Brushfire Score and Your Home?  What to do.  How can we help. When evaluating your home for fire danger there are numerous considerations for insurance companies.  Some are simple to explain and some not so simple.  Some are obvious, some not so. In general your insurance company tries […]

Six Secrets of Keeping Clean Insurance

The world of insurance has never been as exciting as the world of investment.  Almost every insurance agent knows this.  People call their investment house with excitement with angst, but rarely check in with their ‘risk manager’.   Funny, really that it works out this way.  In general your investments will incrementally make you richer. […]

How to Recycle Just about Everything in Marin County

Marin Recycle ! Twenty years ago, sadly I threw almost everything in the trash can.  These days we have the smallest trash can you can use and rarely fill it.  However all three of our recycling bins are constantly overflowing.   What could feel better than recycling?   Recycling is easy and efficient.  Recycling is […]

Back to Basics

Getting Back to Basics with insurance: Yearly you should do the following to clean up your insurance from a personal level.  Insurance needs change all the time.  No one likes to worry about their risk and coverages.  Below is simple list of things that consumers can do to help mitigate some of their own personal […]

All About Flood Insurance in California

Flood Insurance can be one the simplest forms of insurance for many.  However it can become extremely complicated in certain situations.  Most readers of this article will be able to read just a portion of it to get what they need.  Others may find benefit in reading the entire blog post.   This article was originally […]

Newly Mapped Flood Insurance

What is the newly mapped flood insurance program from FEMA?   How do I qualify for the newly mapped program? To Begin: Flood Insurance on the face of it, can be the simplest form of insurance.  However, once you get into the details it can quickly become extremely complicated.  The primary reason for this is […]

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