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Term Life Insurance

Term Life is a specific type of Life Insurance which carries no cash value. Meaning, there is no residual value from holding the policy other than the chance that the death benefits, clear of any exclusions will be paid out in the event of a death claim. A term life policy is purchased typically in a level package for a fixed period of years, say 10, 20, or 30 years, though other time-frames are available. Usually the best candidate for term life insurance is someone who is either planning on, or is having their first child, as it offers a cost-effective insurance option. An independent insurance agent, such as Scott can assist you by looking at a wide variety of coverage options depending on your health conditions.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance – also called excess liability is a type of liability policy that is in addition and sits on top of homeowner, auto, boat or rental property liability coverage. It is important to understand that an umbrella policy is an extension of liability coverage and not property coverage. Umbrellas are typically inexpensive in most situations, and purchased in $1MM increments. What is unique about Marindependent is that we will consider writing the umbrella policy without having the Home and/or Auto insured with us. This is called a Standalone Umbrella Policy.

Homeowners Insurance

Marin County is one of the most interesting places in the world to write homeowners insurance. Many people who have been loyal to an insurance company for years discover that their tried and true insurance company will no longer write their insurance policy in California, or they won’t insure that new home in a new neighborhood due to inherent risk factors.    We prefer to write the Auto-Home package for discount reasons.

Hard to Place Risks, including Homeowners

If you have been told by multiple insurers that they can not write your home, you may be a good candidate for the secondary or non admitted insurance market.   This may be because of the design or location of the property or because of lifestyle characteristics.   Writing these homes can be a challenge and we welcome that.

Small Business Insurance

We work with a number of small Mom and Pop companies that have few employees, if any, and are typically bewildered by all the regulations and requirements. Often these are startup type companies. Small Business Insurance is sometimes called a Business Owners Policy or BOP for short. It typically contains a general liability section, a property section, and an income replacement section. Many small businesses will need to consider a non admitted carrier for the first several years.    Very Small Companies (Tiny Businesses) that work from home are eligible for business lines insurance too.

Auto Insurance

This market is amazingly competitive. In general, we work with auto insurance when it is part of your overall insurance package (Auto, Home, and usually Umbrella). Or you have a special situation with your past.

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