Scott W. Johnson,Manager & Principal, Marindependent Insurance Services LLC

Scott JohnsonPrincipal Broker Agent and Founder of Marindependent Insurance Services, Scott W. Johnson brings more than 25 years of excellent customer care experience to his clients. Winner of Five President’s Council awards, he honed his skills in sales and account management at Avocet, Sprint Nextel, Farmers Insurance and now Marindependent Insurance Services.

Scott chose to launch Marindependent Insurance Services (now Marindependent Insurance Services LLC) in 2010 because he wanted to offer his clients a wider range of choices: more options, more coverage, and especially, more customized service. Marin’s complex geographical landscape, with mountains, the coast, the bay, rivers and flood plains can be a steep learning curve for many agents and an even greater challenge for insurers.

Scott proves that one man’s challenge can be another man’s passion. When he moved to California in 1995, he fell in love with Marin’s varied landscape and the San Francisco Bay. Scott made short work of the learning curve, quickly grasping the unique insurance requirements of his clients. His flexibility, as an independent, allows him to work with many California State admitted carriers that do business with independent broker agents. His follow-through attitude generates trust and repeat business. Scott can also work with out of state non-admitted carriers, such as Lloyds of London when the time calls for it.

Scott enjoys working with start-ups and conducting small business risk analysis. His licenses and certifications include:

  • Licensed Insurance Resident Insurance Broker Agent, Property
  • Resident Insurance Agent, Life-Only
  • Resident Insurance Agent, Accident and Health
  • Resident Insurance Broker Agent, Casualty
  • Certified California Earthquake Authority Insurance
  • Certified Flood Insurance
  • Bonded and Insured

Scott lives and works in Marin County with his wife, two boys, and a dog. His interests include skiing, mountain biking, hiking, trail running, reading, traveling, and investing.

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