2016 Insurance

Can you believe it is already 2016?  How to clean up your insurance in the new year.  Last year I put a short piece online through patch, about 2015.  This year, I opted to have it my own site.


2016 insurance

2016 Already

2016 Insurance:

A quick list of Insurance things to check for the new year.

  1.  Confirm that all members of your household are listed on your health insurance.
  2. Confirm that all adults are listed on your Home Insurance as Named Insureds
  3. Confirm that all driving adults and are listed on your Auto Insurance.  Also confirm with your agent that they know about all underage potential drivers over the age of say ten in your household.
  4. Check that your liability amount on your auto and home or auto, home, and umbrella matches your approximate net worth.  This does not have to be exact, just close.
  5. Make sure you have a proportional amount of uninsured motorist coverage per family member.  Imagine a horrible scenario where everone in your family is in the car at the same time.  Is there enough Uninsured/Underinsured coverage for all?
  6. Check that you have term life insurance for each adult member.   This is for spouses that work and spouses that do not work.
  7. Confirm any trust or LLCs that have been set up, regarding your home are listed as either Named Insureds or Additional Insureds on your Home and Possibly your Auto Insurance.  They would also want to be on your Umbrella Policy as well.
  8. Get a quote for any new business or your spouse have set up in 2016.  Businesses are almost never covered under home insurance.
  9. Consider adding a flood and or earthquake insurance policy in the new year.  Both have seem some changes that can make it cheaper now.
  10. 2016 may be the year that you consider changing your insurance to an Affluent carrier.  With an affluent carrier, you will likely spend more money, however you will receive better service and more coverage in general.

There you go, a quick list of considerations for the new year.   Happy New Year to you and your family.  Thank you for reading 2016 Insurance.

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