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Back to Basics

Getting Back to Basics with insurance: Yearly you should do the following to clean up your insurance from a personal level.  Insurance needs change all the time.  No one likes to worry about their risk and coverages.  Below is simple list of things that consumers can do to help mitigate some of their own personal […]

All About Flood Insurance in California

Flood Insurance can be one the simplest forms of insurance for many.  However it can become extremely complicated in certain situations.  Most readers of this article will be able to read just a portion of it to get what they need.  Others may find benefit in reading the entire blog post.   This article was originally […]

Auto Insurance for the Affluent

Why should a Wealthy Client consider Affluent Auto Insurance? What are some of the differences? How do you decide if you are wealthy enough to consider Affluent Auto Insurance? Affluent Auto Insurance: Saving money on insurance is one of my main responsibilities for my clients.  However, at a certain point, it may make sense for individuals […]

Flood Insurance Discount Potential for Unincorporated Marin County

How can I save 15% off of my flood insurance in Marin County?   What is Unincorporated Marin County?  Will this happen automatically?  Who Qualifies for this Flood Insurance Discount?   The Basics on Flood Insurance: There are all sorts of rating factors when determining the price for Federal Flood Insurance.  Many of these rating […]

Marin Green Business

Marindependent Insurance Services LLC is proud to announce that we have qualified for the Marin Green Business Program through the Bay Area Green Business Program and California Green Business Program.  I have always believed that a business should be based on serving the community, the environment, and yet be profitable.   The Marin Green Business […]


With permission I reprint an article that I wrote and posted for Nerdwallet that was picked up a few other media sources such as Nasdaq. Auto Insurance for the Rich Often Covers and Costs More It may be surprising, but your level of wealth can impact your car insurance coverage needs, and a standard policy may […]

2016 Insurance

Can you believe it is already 2016?  How to clean up your insurance in the new year.  Last year I put a short piece online through patch, about 2015.  This year, I opted to have it my own site.   2016 Insurance: A quick list of Insurance things to check for the new year.  Confirm […]

The New Home Buying Process, How to Get New Insurance for a New Home

Buying a home is a difficult process. If you add in shopping for a new a insurance carrier it can be downright daunting. Not to worry thought, as it is all very achievable.  I hope you enjoy New Insurance – New Home. How to Get New Insurance when Buying a New Home: From an Insurance Broker/Agent’s […]

16 1/2 reasons you may need term life insurance

Your Wonderful Baby Girl just had her fifth birthday party at Muir Beach with all of her friends Acquired a new two million dollar home in Tiburon complete with a 1.6 million dollar mortgage Second Child, a boy is delivered at Marin General Hospital in Greenbrae Risk management seminar in Los Angeles has you wondering about your […]

Small Business Insurance Hiscox

Marindependent Insurance Services LLC through a partner of ours is now able to offer small business insurance including BOP (Business Owners Policy), General Liability, and other types of needed insurance for a wide plethora of professions through the Hiscox NOW Small Business Program.     MIS LLC acts as a broker in this situation and with […]

Earthquake Insurance in the San Francisco Bay Area – ICAT

Marindependent Insurance Services LLC is proud to announce a new partner to work with covering earthquake insurance in the great state of  California.  We are constantly looking for outstanding insurers to partner with. About ICAT: ICAT has a stand alone residential earthquake policy for homes with coverage A values of less than $2.5 million.   There […]

Marin Conservation League

Marindependent Insurance Services LLC is proud to become a business supporter of the Marin Conservation League for 2015. About the Marin Conservation League: Based in San Rafael, California -the Marin Conservation League had its beginnings during the 1930s when the Golden Gate Bridge was being built.   A small group of women were concerned that the […]