Flood Insurance Questions

Below are some common Flood Insurance Questions that I get.  You do not really need to understand all of this stuff in order to buy flood insurance, but in some situation it certainly can not hurt you.   In a very general sense I find clients need to understand more when they are in one of the higher risk flood zones.

Flood Insurance Questions

The Coast of Marin County California

Common Flood Insurance Questions:

What is a flood zone?

What are the flood zones?  The Flood Zones are: B, X, C, A, AE, A1 to A30, AH, AO, AR, A99, V, VE, V1-V30, and D.

Where do I find my flood zone?

What is a flood zone?

What is a flood zone determination?

Why was my flood zone changed?

Why does my insurance rate change, even though the coverages did not change?

What is an elevation certificate?

Do I need an elevation certificate?

How do I get an elevation certificate?

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How does my flood zone effect my insurance rates?

How can my flood zone change?

Is all Flood Insurance issued through FEMA?

What is Private Flood Insurance?

What is FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program?

What does Flood Insurance Cover?

What does Flood Insurance Not Cover?

What is the FEMA limit of Insurance Coverage?

Can I buy more insurance coverage over and above the FEMA limit?

Can I buy more coverage than the Federal Flood Insurance Plan?

What mitigation strategies can I do to protect my home from Flood?

What Documents will I need to procure flood insurance?   You will need various documents to buy flood zone, but it depends on your situation.   I have written and entire post on what documents are you needed for federal flood insurance.   The answers to most of these questions can be found on a subsequent post titled All About Flood Insurance in California.

For owners of Apartments and other commercial buildings, read up on Private Flood Insurance for Apartments.

Flood Insurance Questions

Foliage in Marin County

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Please read my disclosures.  Always speak with a licensed insurance agent when considering purchasing or not purchasing flood insurance in your state.   Thank you for reading Flood Insurance Questions. #femafloodinsurance #privatefloodinsurance