Is My Diamond Engagement Ring Underinsured?

The Answer is Most Likely Yes

When was the last time you had your engagement ring appraised? It’s probably been a while, which means that it’s most likely underinsured!

Take a look at these two charts:

  • In Chart 1, you can see a 50 year historical price of an average one carat D Loupe clean wholesale diamond
  • In Chart 2, you will see Pricescope’s Diamond Price Chart by percent change, broken down by carat range
Is your Ring Under Insured?

Is your Ring Under Insured?

Doesn’t it make sense to sit down with an insurance agent and consider:

  • Adding it to your homeowners policy, via an endorsement?
  • Getting a policy on the ring itself?
  • Having it reappraised and upping the coverage?

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