Landslide Insurance

After an inquiry by a prospect this week, Marindependent Insurance Services now has an option to broker Landslide Insurance through one of our Non Admitted Carriers.   Landslides are not covered by Flood Insurance, Almost always not covered by a home (homeowners) insurance policy, and usually not by an earthquake insurance policy – therefore it generally requires its own stand alone insurance product.   The exception to this is if a landslide is caused by an earthquake, it may be covered by your earthquake insurance policy.  Please read the details of your policy or call your agent to confirm.  Please contact us if you are interested.

Landslide Insurance needed?

When to Insure that hill?

What is a landslide?:

What exactly is a landslide?   As defined by a landslide is : “the downward falling or sliding of a mass of soil, detritus, or rock on or from a steep slope.”   To be clear the exact definition of landslides, mudslides, and mudflows are most important in the insurance world. Mudflows often are covered by Federal Flood Insurance, where as landslides typically are not.   These definitions may seem very specific and not all that important, however, these definitions become extremely important when a peril hits and may not be covered.

“the downward falling or sliding of a mass of soil..”

Update on Landslide Insurance:

11/11/2015  UPDATE- My Landslide Option has essentially pulled out for the remainder of the 2015 year and perhaps until the winter season is complete because of “the uncertainty over El Nino.”

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