November is Be Better with Building Ordinance and Law Month

Marindependent Insurance Services has made November the Be Better with Building Ordinance and Law Endorsement month to assist in marketing the value of this useful home insurance endorsement.

Our Article about Building Ordinance and Law can be of great help for most consumers. Especially for those that are unaware of how this endorsement works. Marindependent believes that this powerful one endorsement is very critical here in Marin County. Due to the increased codes in this county and the fact that many homes are from the 1950s and 1960s, the BOL endorsement in general should be increased to a much higher level.

General standard Ordinance Law coverage amount of 10% is often just not enough. 25% and 50% are more suitable replacements. A 100% BOL endorsement is best, but is rarely available.

Marindependent Insurance Services LLC does offer numerous policies from A rated carriers that offer (on occasion with certain underwriting criteria) a 100% Building Ordinance and Law coverage for homes in Tiburon, Mill Valley, Larkspur, Ross, Sausalito, and the rest of Marin County.

The purpose of our ‘Be Better’ campaign is to bring to consumer’s attention the need for proper endorsements on their HO3 and HO5 Homeowners policies.

Thanks for Reading!