Out with the Wildfire, In with the Flood

In my memory, I cannot recall a time when the San Francisco Bay area has been more concerned about natural weather events.    With the dearth of rain these past three or four years and the constant concern of wildfire, man made or natural, our communities have done their best to safeguard us all.  To protect lives and property.   The fire risk these past several years, being a Marin County resident, has been disconcerting at times.   However, the drought may be coming to an end…  Now is the time to discuss Marin Flood Insurance.

Marin Flood Insurance

Could Marin Flood? A Creek in San Rafael

Let it Rain:

These past November rain storm really seem to have ended the wildfire season here, in my opinion at least, in Marin County for the season.  The ground seems soaked and the grasses and trees have been given the opportunity to have a good drink.   Now all of a sudden, the concern and focus has been on El Nino and what it will do to Northern California.   The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration expects a strong El Nino for the 2015-2016 calendar year.  A meteorologist with The Weather Company, Doctor Todd Crawford says: “The atmospheric response to the equatorial sea-surface temperature anomalies, measured by their atmospheric ENSO index (AEI), is the strongest event since at least 1948”.  Im not certain what all this means but, I believe that this is scientist talk for “it could be a bad rain year.”

“it could be a bad year” for rain

According to this same article the El Nino of 1997 / 1998 saw record flooding and “$550 Million Dollars” in damage in California and 35 counties were “declared federal disaster areas”.  Could a similar fate be around the corner for us this year here in Marin County?  Could the same rains that doused the Bay Area be in store for us this season?  Perhaps.  However, it may all be overblown.

El Nino FLood

Time to think of the winter storms

Time to buy Marin Flood Insurance?:

None the less, it could not hurt to be slightly more prepared than normal.  I know of community centers that are preparing by setting up sandbag stations.   You could sign up for the Marin County Alert system.   Perhaps this is the year that you actually make that earthquake kit.  Your earthquake kit could be used in the event of all sorts of other emergencies.  Should you buy flood insurance this year?   For further reading kindly consider All About Flood Insurance in California.


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