Safeco in Marin County

  • Safeco Insurance can be available in Marin County.
  • The company has been around since 1923.
  • They are backed by the power of Liberty Mutual Insurance.
  • Safeco has some of the most competitive rates in the county.

About Safeco Insurance:

Safeco was founded in Seattle Washington in 1923 by Hawthorne Dent. It was originally named the General Insurance Company of America. After being acquired by Liberty Mutual Insurance in 2003, the company has grown to be one of the largest insurance companies in the United States.

Safeco offers numerous types and kinds of Property Insurance including:

  • Homeowners / Home Insurance
  • Auto / Car Insurance
  • Personal Umbrella Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Dwelling Insurance, such as Landlord Policies
  • Watercraft Insurance for Boats
  • RV or Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Safeco is available through Independent Insurance Agencies (typically non captive agencies.)

Safeco for Marin County:

Safeco insurance is a terrific product here in our county. Their home insurance policies can provide some of the most in depth coverage A. I am a particular fan of their building ordinance and law coverage.

In general many of my clients that have Safeco prefer to package their home, auto, and umbrella together.. This package often provides an overall lower cost. In other words if you package their auto, home, and umbrella together with Safeco, you will most likely get more insurance coverage for less money.

In Marin County, the underwriting for home insurance can be difficult. Each area and home are a case by case scenario. I know of no home insurer that will accept every home in the Marin. Safeco is no different.

5 Great Things about Safeco’s Home Insurance Policies:

  1. E Signature: It might sound odd to name this as one of my favorite things about Safeco Insurance in Marin. But the truth is, that Safeco insurance has esignature figured out very well.
  2. Building Ordinance and Law: For a California Homeowner policy, under their premier product (Crest) a 100% Building Ordinance and Law may be available. This is certainly one of the very most important endorsements.
  3. Extended Rebuild Endorsement: Few companies allow an Extended Rebuild Endorsement as high as Safeco Insurance may on their Homeowner Crest platform here in California. A good extended rebuild endorsement is essential in all of our communities including San Rafael, Novato, and Tiburon.
  4. Loss of Use: Safeco’s terms for loss of use, often either 24 months or “Reasonable Time” listed on many of the better home insurance programs is simply put “spectacular.” Often this is exceptional for owners of Condo policies here in Mill Valley and San Anselmo.
  5. The Overall Safeco Landlord Policy: Safeco’s competitive pricing and high coverages make for a great product for thousands of landlords in California and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. [Technically their landlord policy might not truly fall under their home category.]

Are those the end of the list? No way, there are dozens of other great things about Safeco’s home insurance programs. But these are five main standouts about why we like Safeco.

Should You Get Safeco Home Insurance if you Live in Novato or San Rafael or other parts of Marin?

The Liberty Mutual / Safeco group provides terrific coverage and home insurance options for residents of Marin. After a quick quote process and careful underwriting, an homeowners policy from Safeco might be the best option for you and your family.

My professional opinion is it can’t hurt to check out their underwriting, pricing, and coverage in you live in the county. Sometimes the best reason to switch might be the price, other times the service, but often the best reason to switch to Safeco can be for the enhanced coverage form offered.

It can’t hurt to inquire about this insurer to see if they are a good fit for you and your family.

Liberty Mutual and Safeco Financial Strength Rating:

According to AM Best, a credit rating agency, Safeco’s Financial Strength Rating is an “A” and their Policyholder Surplus is a “XV.”

The A rating is considered their third highest, below A+ and A++. A is considered excellent by AM Best.

The XV policyholder surplus is ranked as the highest.

Both of these ratings are based on July 2019 when this article was written and are subject to change.

How to Get a Marin Safeco Quote?

Fill out a contact form, send us an email, or just pick up the phone and call us. The quotation application contains numerous pieces of information, but we can assist to streamline this.

Thanks for reading!