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Scott W Johnson, Manager and Principal Broker Agent was cited in “Eight Tips for Talking to Your Spouse About Life Insurance” on NerdWallet.  The article discusses  the challenges that couples face when procuring and reviewing various Life Insurance options.  “It’s not easy to discuss death, particularly when it means talking to your spouse about his or her mortality.”  The short article was published September 17th, 2015.  The article discusses how to speak with your wife or husband about life insurance. Purchasing life insurance can be an anxious time for any family   More often than not, it is avoided because of the difficulty in speaking about it.   The Nerdwallet Life Insurance article hopefully serves as a reminder that all couples face this issue.

“…a recent NerdWallet survey found that life insurance shortfalls hurt women more than men.”

“With a little tact, good timing and a focus on the consequences for your family, you can persuade your spouse that life insurance is well worth considering.”  Term Life Insurance is needed by almost all couples, with or without children.  Both spouses working or just one.   Rich or Poor.  Young or Old.   Healthy or Sick.  There are too many scenarios when a level term life insurance policy will not you well.   Check out our Term Life Quoting machine  to get an idea of the cost – you may be surprised.

This article and others can be found on the nerdwallet site.   Also worth reading is Why Choose Term Life.


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