Homeowners Insurance in and around Marin County.

We specialize in placing insurance in Marin County, the county we are based in.   Marindependent Insurance Services  LLC is an independent insurance broker and agent and we are free to place you with the best coverage at the best price for your situation.  We write with A Grade Admitted Carriers, Non Standard Admitted Carriers, Non Admitted Carriers, and the California FAIR plan.   With this full service selection we are proud to be able to offer insurance on almost all homes in the San Francisco area.

Call us today for homeowners insurance quotes from  standard and non admitted carriers..  We offer Insurance Quotes for Free, home insurance prices are determined by individual insurance carriers based on certain underwriting criteria.
Marindependent Insurance Services LLC 0K10734 -24 Bridgegate Drive San Rafael CA 94903 – Phone Number: 415-294-5454

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