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Below are some of the more specific Insurance Questions I get from time to time. In complete opposite to the common questions blog post we had in the past, this is a post dedicated to some of the more exact, yet equally important questions that I have found that both prospects and clients alike may have.   As with all blog posts and really all information on the internet: This website should serve as an introduction to the world of insurance and the insurance industry but not replace personal service from a licensed insurance broker or agent in your state. Please consult an agent or broker in all circumstances when considering obtaining insurance, insurance services, or modifying or cancelling a policy.  Please contact your broker or agent when you have other Insurance Questions.

Insurance Questions

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Not So Common Insurance Questions:

1.  What documents do I need to buy flood insurance?  Documents for Flood Insurance.

2.  Why does the age and type of my roof matter for home insurance?  Why your roof matters.

3.  What is a Fire Protection Class?  Fire Protection Class and Your Home Insurance Policy.

4.  What is a Brushfire or Fireline score?  Brushfire Score and Your Home.

5.  How are flood insurance and earthquake insurance similar?  how are flood insurance and earthquake insurance different?

6.  How many properties can an Umbrella Insurer accept under one umbrella liability policy?  Umbrella Insurance Property Limit.

7.  What is Demand Surge?  Demand Surge and You.

8.  Why is the Bay Area an unusual place to purchase Homeowners Insurance?   The San Francisco Bay Area and Home Insurance.

9.  How do I insure high value items?  Homeowners Floater Endorsements for High Value Items.

10.  Why does my mortgage company get listed on my homeowners insurance policy?  Your Mortgage Company and your Homeowners Insurance.

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11.  What exactly is a meant by ‘Ordinance and Law’?  Ordinance Law and You

12.  Does my homeowners insurance policy in California have workers comp on it?   Workers Comp and California on your Home Insurance Policy.

13.  What Endorsements should a buyer of a new home consider?   Most Popular Endorsements for Homeowners Insurance

14. How much Umbrella Insurance do I need?  How to Calculate Your Umbrella Liability Insurance Needs.

15.  What type of insurance should i consider for my work from home business? Work from home Business Options.

16.  Is my home based business too small to get Business Insurance?  Tiny business insurance for your company.

17.  Should I buy Earthquake Insurance?   Thoughts on Earthquake Insurance and your Marin home.

18.  Does my credit score affect my insurance rates in California?   Your credit score and your Insurance.

19.  What should newlyweds do with their insurance? Insurance Changes after Marriage.

20.  What is the optimal deductible for my home insurance policy?   The home deductible conundrum.

21.  We just got married, what changes should we make with our insurance?   Insurance Changes for Newlyweds.

22.  What is an  Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve?  The Earthquake Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve.

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