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Documenting your Personal Possessions for Homeowners Insurance

Recently I posted a short article on Wallethub about how to document your personal possessions.   For home insurance it is imperative that you do so.  Insure undocumented possessions at your own peril.  Please read this entire post Documenting your Personal Possessions for Homeowners Insurance for important details. Lets be frank here, Insurance Companies realize […]

Most popular endorsements to a home insurance policy

What are the most popular coverage endorsements that may be added to a homeowners insurance policy? Why should I consider these insurance endorsements? The way a homeowners insurance policy works is that the you the consumer choose the policy that you want and modify it with your personal information and then add certain amendments (called […]

Insurance Coverage for the Affluent

What types of coverages can the affluent get with their Homeowners, Automobile, and Umbrella Insurance? Well to do / Affluent clients often have different needs and there are a handful of Insurance Carriers that cater to them.   Typical Preferred Insurance carriers can and often to do serve the well to do nicely however, there are […]