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Most popular endorsements to a home insurance policy

What are the most popular coverage endorsements that may be added to a homeowners insurance policy? Why should I consider these insurance endorsements? The way a homeowners insurance policy works is that the you the consumer choose the policy that you want and modify it with your personal information and then add certain amendments (called […]

Car Insurance for the Wealthy on Nerdwallet

Marindependent Insurance Services LLC and Scott W Johnson posted a piece in Nerd Wallet titled Must-Have Car Insurance for Wealthy Individuals, dated May 26th.   The article focuses on the additional considerations that the wealthy should take into account when purchasing auto insurance. Car Insurance for the Wealthy: Purchasing Car Insurance for the wealthy is a […]

What is a Fire Protection Class?

One of the most important things when underwriting a home for Homeowners Insurance is the Fire Protection Class.  The fire protection class is a score that ranks from 1 to 10, with one. being the safest number and ten being the highest risk.  The Fire protection class is an ISO product.   This score is […]

What is Demand Surge?

    What is Demand Surge?  How does demand surge affect my home insurance price?  Why should I care about Demand Surge?   What is the principal of demand surge? What Exactly is Demand Surge? While certainly not a common insurance related questions for Insurance Brokers, Demand Surge is a very interesting and important topic. […]

What is Unique about Homeowner’s Insurance in San Francisco?

What is unique about writing insurance in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sonoma, and Marin Counties? Why did I start an Independent Insurance Brokerage? When I started selling insurance, I was originally ‘affiliated’ with one insurance carrier.  To be clear, it was a ‘family of insurance companies’ really, which is rather common in the property […]