Top 18 Reasons to Call Your Insurance Agent

You probably know all the reasons why to contact your insurance agent, but have you thought about when to contact them? Here’s a partial list of the top 18 reasons you should give your insurance agent a call.

When to Call your Insurance Agent:

  1. Did you buy or sell any cars?
  2. Did you add or delete any trailers?
  3. Have you started, bought, or sold a business?
  4. Has anyone moved in to, or out of, your household due to having a child, a divorce, grandparents moving in, etc.?
  5. Have you or your spouse started working from home?
  6. Did you move?
  7. Did you buy or sell an investment property?
  8. Have you or anyone in your family had any significant changes in wealth?
  9. Have you or your spouse started or quit smoking?
  10. Have you or your spouse purchased anything worth more than about $1,000?
  11. Have you added a centrally monitored fire detection system?
  12. Have you added solar or wind power to your house?
  13. Have you added square footage to your house or replaced your roof, complete with permits?
  14. Has your net worth changed significantly?
  15. Have you or your spouse joined a nonprofit board?
  16. Did you adopt any new dogs, pets, or animals?
  17. Do you have an insurance claim?
  18. Did you nanny start driving either your car or your kids?

Contact Marindependent

If you were able to answer “yes” to any of the above questions, give me a call to discuss your insurance needs.  Thank you for reading When to Call your Insurance Agent.

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