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The Insuranceflation Story

California is undergoing a tremendous increase in insurance costs. We call this rising cost of insurance – insuranceflation. The causes of insuranceflation. Some obvious, some not. What is Insuranceflation? Simply put insuranceflation is the increasing cost of insurance. Buy a house and watch the cost to insure it go up each and every year – […]

Technology Professional Liability Coverage

Technology Professional Liability Insurance is often known as Tech E&O. This form of commercial insurance is a must have for most tech companies. Tech E&O can help protect you from claims relating to the profesional services you provide to your clients. This line of coverage is often required under Independent Employment Contracts. In the world […]

Professional Liability Insurance in San Francisco

Professional Liablity insurance is often closely tied to General Liability Insurance – but they are not the same. Businesses that have Commercial General Liability policies should always attempt to explore a Professional Liability policy alongside it. Occasionally – the difference between a given claim hitting one policy vs the other is hair’s width of difference. […]

Shopping Workers Comp in San Francisco

The top business Insurance Question of 2022 certainly was How Do I Save Money on Workers Comp Insurance in California? We understand this question – at times Workers Comp insurance can feel like a tax on many California businesses. After all it is mandated by the state and you only have a limited ability to […]

Business Interruption Coverage

Also called Business Income Coverage is a standard feature on many Business Owners Policies [BOP] in the United States. Sometimes called BI for short – Busienss Owners should inquire with their agent about the need for this specific coverage. According to Allstate “Business Interruption Coverage helps replace lost income and pay for extra expenses when […]

What is Business Insurance

Business Insurance, What is It? Who Needs Business Insurance? What types of Business Insurance are there? A simple list of types/kinds of business insurance policies for small to mid sized businesses. Small business insurance explained. Business Insurance Defined: Investopedia defines Business Insurance simply as: “coverage [that] protects businesses from losses due to events that may occur […]

Work from Home Consultants Need Cover too

Why Consultants Need General Liablity Why Consultants Need Professional Liability Other Insurance Coverages to Consider Why Independent Consultants and Contractors Need Insurance: Independent Consultants that work from home need insurance. Business Insurance. They need insurance for their business and they need insurance for the owner of the building. The owner of the house is you […]

Pie Insurance in Marin

A new workers Comp Insurance option in the Marin and the San Francisco Bay Area is now available. Accouncement about Pie Insurance: Marindependent Insurance Services LLC is now able to provide new and exisiting clients in California with potential offers of Workers Compensation insurance from PIE Insurance. According to Pie’s marketing the newer insurance company […]

Can you Buy Home Insurance During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Buying Home Insurance during the current pandemic is still possible in much of the United States. Processes have been slightly changed. Nothing is guaranteed right now. This article about coronavirus and home insurance is intended for a US audience. How does Coronavirus or Covid-19 affect the acquisition of a new home insurance policy during this […]

Apartment Building Private Flood Insurance

Apartment Building Private Flood Insurance is typically required of buildings that carry a mortgage and that are located in high hazard flood zones.  By FEMA definitions these flood zones basically include the A and the V zones.   There are variations of these two types of flood zones, but essentially if your building is in […]

Commercial Private Flood Insurance

Commercial Private Flood Insurance is a serious option for owners of Apartment Buildings.   The cost savings combined with flood coverage should be discussed with an experienced independent insurance agent. Own a Apartment Building and Want to Save on Flood Insurance? Considering Cheaper Flood Insurance for a Commercial Building? Can you purchase Non Admitted Flood […]

Term Life Process

What is the process to purchase Term Life Insurance?  What are the steps necessary to procure term? How can I speed up the Term Life Process?  What should I do not? Buying Term Life Insurance: The process to purchase level term life insurance has never been simpler.   There are just so many places to […]