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Knob and Tube is now Uninsurable

Knob and Tube, a form of a very old electrical system, is now all but unisurable in the California Howeowners Insurance marketplace, in our opinion. In other words if you are shopping for home insurance with Knob and Tube- Do not call me. Marindependent may only have one pretty bad solution for you. All of […]

Yes Marin County, Keep that Chubb Insurance Policy

It happens all the time. I get that call almost every week/month. My Chubb Insurance policy is so expensive, I want to shop it around. Really? Many consumers are unaware of the horrible state of the property insurance market these days. Although that is indeed changing as more learn. General Property Insurance Advisement for 2024: […]

Does a One Man Business Need Insurance?

Reasons why One Personal Businesses need Insurance. Insurances for One Woman Businesses to Consider. The Risk of being a One Person Run Operation Are you the sole owner and operator of a small business? Think yourself immune from Insurance requirements? Never realized that you are in fact at risk? All of these are common themes […]

The Horrible State of the California Home Insurance Market

Brief thoughts othe condition of consumer property insurance in California. When and if it will get better? Property Insurance in wildfire areas has been getting more difficult for years, however in California, recently it has gone from bad to deplorable. Currently, I feel that there is no solution to the problem. This post probably should […]

Newly Mapped Flood Insurance

What is the newly mapped flood insurance program from FEMA?   How do I qualify for the newly mapped program? To Begin: Flood Insurance on the face of it, can be the simplest form of insurance.  However, once you get into the details it can quickly become extremely complicated.  The primary reason for this is […]

Marin Green Business

Marindependent Insurance Services LLC is proud to announce that we have qualified for the Marin Green Business Program through the Bay Area Green Business Program and California Green Business Program.  I have always believed that a business should be based on serving the community, the environment, and yet be profitable.   The Marin Green Business […]

Thoughts on Earthquake Insurance

In the last couple of years the world of .   Companies have become more competitive and more standalone insurance carriers have entered the market.  Unlike Flood Insurance, which in certain Special Flood Zones can be required by lenders, Earthquake Insurance is usually not required, even if people live in a high risk area.  Just because […]

The Discount Dilemma – Your Auto Home and Life Discounts Applied – Does it All Add Up?

How do you buy Cheap Auto and Cheap Home Insurance using discounts?  Should you choose an Auto insurance carrier that gives you the most discounts? Do all of those discounts really add up?  How to think about getting insurance discounts? Should I get my life insurance with the same company that writes my home and Auto […]

Top 18 Reasons to Call Your Insurance Agent

You probably know all the reasons why to contact your insurance agent, but have you thought about when to contact them? Here’s a partial list of the top 18 reasons you should give your insurance agent a call.