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The Swiss Army Knife of the Financial World

It has been said that Whole Life Insurance is the Swiss Army Knife of the Financial World.  Where else can you have one financial product that solves so many financial issues and provides insurance?   Builds Cash Value, Pays for your Child’s College, Saves for Your Retirement, and Insures your Life.   Wow –  All in one! […]

Scott Johnson Nerdwallet Life Insurance Article

Scott W Johnson, Manager and Principal Broker Agent was cited in “Eight Tips for Talking to Your Spouse About Life Insurance” on NerdWallet.  The article discusses  the challenges that couples face when procuring and reviewing various Life Insurance options.  “It’s not easy to discuss death, particularly when it means talking to your spouse about his […]

Why Choose Term Life

The Benefits of Term Life Insurance. Why you should Choose Term Life Over Whole Life. Why people should get a Term Life Insurance. Why is Term Life so Simple? Why Choose Term Life: As opposed to various Cash Value Life Insurance Policies – such as Whole Life, Universal Life, Variable Life, etc?   Frequently debated online […]