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Back to Basics

Getting Back to Basics with insurance: Yearly you should do the following to clean up your insurance from a personal level.  Insurance needs change all the time.  No one likes to worry about their risk and coverages.  Below is simple list of things that consumers can do to help mitigate some of their own personal […]

Auto Insurance for the Affluent

Why should a Wealthy Client consider Affluent Auto Insurance? What are some of the differences? How do you decide if you are wealthy enough to consider Affluent Auto Insurance? Affluent Auto Insurance: Saving money on insurance is one of my main responsibilities for my clients.  However, at a certain point, it may make sense for individuals […]


With permission I reprint an article that I wrote and posted for Nerdwallet that was picked up a few other media sources such as Nasdaq. Auto Insurance for the Rich Often Covers and Costs More It may be surprising, but your level of wealth can impact your car insurance coverage needs, and a standard policy may […]

2016 Insurance

Can you believe it is already 2016?  How to clean up your insurance in the new year.  Last year I put a short piece online through patch, about 2015.  This year, I opted to have it my own site.   2016 Insurance: A quick list of Insurance things to check for the new year.  Confirm […]

The Insurance Loyalty Surcharge

Have you been with the same insurer for eight years? Did you know that staying with the same insurer can end up costing you more money? Are you aware of the difference between a captive agent and an independent agent? How long have you been with your insurer?  Who gets charged with Insurance Loyalty Surcharge?   […]

Insurance Coverage for the Affluent

What types of coverages can the affluent get with their Homeowners, Automobile, and Umbrella Insurance? Well to do / Affluent clients often have different needs and there are a handful of Insurance Carriers that cater to them.   Typical Preferred Insurance carriers can and often to do serve the well to do nicely however, there are […]

Car Insurance for the Wealthy on Nerdwallet

Marindependent Insurance Services LLC and Scott W Johnson posted a piece in Nerd Wallet titled Must-Have Car Insurance for Wealthy Individuals, dated May 26th.   The article focuses on the additional considerations that the wealthy should take into account when purchasing auto insurance. Car Insurance for the Wealthy: Purchasing Car Insurance for the wealthy is a […]

Insurance in Marin County

I have written in the past about the extremes of writing homeowners insurance in and around wonderful Marin county.  Many of these factors also are true in Sonoma and San Francisco counties and really also in and around most of the San Francisco bay area.  That post mostly focused on the terrain in writing homeowners […]

Insurance changes for newlyweds

Congratulations on your recent nuptials!   With all of the pomp and all of the pageantry, coming back to the real world can be difficult.  However, getting married creates a full list of to dos.   Now start working on Insurance for newlyweds When newlyweds think of the subject of getting your finances together after a […]

Marindependent and Johnson in NerdWallet Article May 2015

We were recently referenced and quoted in news / blog article on NerdWallet titled: “Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Get Online Auto Insurance Quotes” dated May First -2015. The article reviews who some of the better candidates are to buy auto insurance themselves online without the assistance of an independent agent or broker.  It shares with […]

Specific Insurance Questions for Personal Lines

Below are some of the more specific Insurance Questions I get from time to time. In complete opposite to the common questions blog post we had in the past, this is a post dedicated to some of the more exact, yet equally important questions that I have found that both prospects and clients alike may have.   […]

How to lower your Auto and Home Insurance Bill

What can I do to lower my home and auto insurance bill?  What can I do?  Where can I start? Though similar this is a distinct and different question from How do I buy either cheap Home or cheap Auto Insurance.   That question is more based on how you shop around – this question is […]