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Newly Mapped Flood Program

Within the past year FEMA has begun a new flood insurance program for those whose homes have been moved from a low risk flood zone to a high risk flood zone.   This program is called the Newly Mapped Flood Program.  A significant percentage of residents of Corte Madera, Larkspur, San Rafael, Mill Valley, and other […]

Don’t Get the Cheapest Insurance, Get the Best Insurance

It has been said numerous times, that in the absence of value, price is everything.   In today’s world of multiple insurance quotes, I find that many clients that seek my assistance have been led astray.   Insurance is more than just a premium.  The coverage forms for home insurance are entering a mind boggling […]

Documenting your Personal Possessions for Homeowners Insurance

Recently I posted a short article on Wallethub about how to document your personal possessions.   For home insurance it is imperative that you do so.  Insure undocumented possessions at your own peril.  Please read this entire post Documenting your Personal Possessions for Homeowners Insurance for important details. Lets be frank here, Insurance Companies realize […]

All About Flood Insurance in California

Flood Insurance can be one the simplest forms of insurance for many.  However it can become extremely complicated in certain situations.  Most readers of this article will be able to read just a portion of it to get what they need.  Others may find benefit in reading the entire blog post.   This article was originally […]

Newly Mapped Flood Insurance

What is the newly mapped flood insurance program from FEMA?   How do I qualify for the newly mapped program? To Begin: Flood Insurance on the face of it, can be the simplest form of insurance.  However, once you get into the details it can quickly become extremely complicated.  The primary reason for this is […]

Flood Insurance Discount Potential for Unincorporated Marin County

How can I save 15% off of my flood insurance in Marin County?   What is Unincorporated Marin County?  Will this happen automatically?  Who Qualifies for this Flood Insurance Discount?   The Basics on Flood Insurance: There are all sorts of rating factors when determining the price for Federal Flood Insurance.  Many of these rating […]

2016 Insurance

Can you believe it is already 2016?  How to clean up your insurance in the new year.  Last year I put a short piece online through patch, about 2015.  This year, I opted to have it my own site.   2016 Insurance: A quick list of Insurance things to check for the new year.  Confirm […]

The Insurance Loyalty Surcharge

Have you been with the same insurer for eight years? Did you know that staying with the same insurer can end up costing you more money? Are you aware of the difference between a captive agent and an independent agent? How long have you been with your insurer?  Who gets charged with Insurance Loyalty Surcharge?   […]

Most common perils not covered under homeowners insurance

What are the most common perils not covered under a homeowners policy?  What to look for and what to ask. The most common perils not covered under homeowners insurance polices very somewhat from state to state and much more so with what insurance policy you may have.  Kindly read your own insurance policy to read […]

Insurance Coverage for the Affluent

What types of coverages can the affluent get with their Homeowners, Automobile, and Umbrella Insurance? Well to do / Affluent clients often have different needs and there are a handful of Insurance Carriers that cater to them.   Typical Preferred Insurance carriers can and often to do serve the well to do nicely however, there are […]

Out with the Wildfire, In with the Flood

In my memory, I cannot recall a time when the San Francisco Bay area has been more concerned about natural weather events.    With the dearth of rain these past three or four years and the constant concern of wildfire, man made or natural, our communities have done their best to safeguard us all.  To […]

Landslide Insurance

After an inquiry by a prospect this week, Marindependent Insurance Services now has an option to broker Landslide Insurance through one of our Non Admitted Carriers.   Landslides are not covered by Flood Insurance, Almost always not covered by a home (homeowners) insurance policy, and usually not by an earthquake insurance policy – therefore it generally […]