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Can you Buy Home Insurance During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Buying Home Insurance during the current pandemic is still possible in much of the United States. Processes have been slightly changed. Nothing is guaranteed right now. This article about coronavirus and home insurance is intended for a US audience. How does Coronavirus or Covid-19 affect the acquisition of a new home insurance policy during this […]

Life Insurance Marin County

Life Insurance Marin County is different for a full variety of reasons.  Therefore your choices different and more unique. First off, Marindependent, is not an insurance broker that will try and oversell you some overpriced whole life insurance policy that you do not need.   We specialize in affordable and simple Term Life.  We are open […]

California Affluent Insurance

Think things are different for the 1%, imagine their insurance scenario. Unlike most Americans, Affluent Americans need to consider insurance from a much different angle. A typical middle class american may use insurance to cover both the financial loss and the financial cash flow, but for affluent Americans this may not be the best play. […]

Term Life Process

What is the process to purchase Term Life Insurance?  What are the steps necessary to procure term? How can I speed up the Term Life Process?  What should I do not? Buying Term Life Insurance: The process to purchase level term life insurance has never been simpler.   There are just so many places to […]

How to Check Consumer Complaints on Insurers

How to Check Consumer Complaints about Insurers.   Ranking for Insurance Companies.  Thoughts on Consumer Complaints and Insurers. From Time to Time, I find it interesting to check in on the performance of the various insurance companies that do business in California.  Being a free agent, I am open to broker insurance with numerous companies.   As […]

The Swiss Army Knife of the Financial World

It has been said that Whole Life Insurance is the Swiss Army Knife of the Financial World.  Where else can you have one financial product that solves so many financial issues and provides insurance?   Builds Cash Value, Pays for your Child’s College, Saves for Your Retirement, and Insures your Life.   Wow –  All in one! […]

Back to Basics

Getting Back to Basics with insurance: Yearly you should do the following to clean up your insurance from a personal level.  Insurance needs change all the time.  No one likes to worry about their risk and coverages.  Below is simple list of things that consumers can do to help mitigate some of their own personal […]

2016 Insurance

Can you believe it is already 2016?  How to clean up your insurance in the new year.  Last year I put a short piece online through patch, about 2015.  This year, I opted to have it my own site.   2016 Insurance: A quick list of Insurance things to check for the new year.  Confirm […]

16 1/2 reasons you may need term life insurance

Your Wonderful Baby Girl just had her fifth birthday party at Muir Beach with all of her friends Acquired a new two million dollar home in Tiburon complete with a 1.6 million dollar mortgage Second Child, a boy is delivered at Marin General Hospital in Greenbrae Risk management seminar in Los Angeles has you wondering about your […]

Scott Johnson Nerdwallet Life Insurance Article

Scott W Johnson, Manager and Principal Broker Agent was cited in “Eight Tips for Talking to Your Spouse About Life Insurance” on NerdWallet.  The article discusses  the challenges that couples face when procuring and reviewing various Life Insurance options.  “It’s not easy to discuss death, particularly when it means talking to your spouse about his […]

Insurance in Marin County

I have written in the past about the extremes of writing homeowners insurance in and around wonderful Marin county.  Many of these factors also are true in Sonoma and San Francisco counties and really also in and around most of the San Francisco bay area.  That post mostly focused on the terrain in writing homeowners […]

Insurance changes for newlyweds

Congratulations on your recent nuptials!   With all of the pomp and all of the pageantry, coming back to the real world can be difficult.  However, getting married creates a full list of to dos.   Now start working on Insurance for newlyweds When newlyweds think of the subject of getting your finances together after a […]