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Mortgage Company & Homeowners Insurance

Why does my mortgage company get listed on my homeowners insurance policy?   How does it get removed?   What rights does the lender have? Mortgage Company and Homeowners Insurance Homeowners Insurance contains a special mortgage provision.    This provision or clause allows your mortgage company special rights.     Your lender will require you […]

The Insurance Loyalty Surcharge

Have you been with the same insurer for eight years? Did you know that staying with the same insurer can end up costing you more money? Are you aware of the difference between a captive agent and an independent agent? How long have you been with your insurer?  Who gets charged with Insurance Loyalty Surcharge?   […]

Most common perils not covered under homeowners insurance

What are the most common perils not covered under a homeowners policy?  What to look for and what to ask. The most common perils not covered under homeowners insurance polices very somewhat from state to state and much more so with what insurance policy you may have.  Kindly read your own insurance policy to read […]

The Home Deductible Conundrum

Will choosing a higher deductible lower my insurance premium?  Should I choose a lower deductible or a higher deductible?  What deductible should I choose for my new home? The Home Insurance Deductible: A deductible is “An amount the insurer will deduct from the loss before…” paying out the policy up to the limits.  Says IRMI […]

Ordinance Law and You

What is meant by Ordinance and Law Coverage?   How much Ordinance and Law Coverage Should you have in California? Ordinance & Law Coverage: In personal homeowners insurance – Ordinance and/ or Law Coverage is coverage that protects your home from the added cost of repairing or replacing your home from a covered loss due […]

What is a Fire Protection Class?

One of the most important things when underwriting a home for Homeowners Insurance is the Fire Protection Class.  The fire protection class is a score that ranks from 1 to 10, with one. being the safest number and ten being the highest risk.  The Fire protection class is an ISO product.   This score is […]

How your roof factors into your insurance costs

Your Roof and your Homeowners Insurance How the age type and condition of your roof can affect your pocket book. What do you mean my roof can factor into my home insurance costs?   An Insurance company may decline my home because of my roof?  I might not be able to pass an insurance inspection because […]

Top 18 Reasons to Call Your Insurance Agent

You probably know all the reasons why to contact your insurance agent, but have you thought about when to contact them? Here’s a partial list of the top 18 reasons you should give your insurance agent a call.

Dog Bites Account for a Third or All Homeowner Claims

Dog Bites account for about almost a third or all Homeowner Insurance claim dollars says a press release from the Hanover Insurance Group, dated September 17th, 2012. “The cost of dog bite claims rose a whopping 53.4% from 2003 to 2011 according to the Insurance Information Institute.”  Your homeowners Insurance may provide coverage, and the […]