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Most common perils not covered under homeowners insurance

What are the most common perils not covered under a homeowners policy?  What to look for and what to ask. The most common perils not covered under homeowners insurance polices very somewhat from state to state and much more so with what insurance policy you may have.  Kindly read your own insurance policy to read […]

Landslide Insurance

After an inquiry by a prospect this week, Marindependent Insurance Services now has an option to broker Landslide Insurance through one of our Non Admitted Carriers.   Landslides are not covered by Flood Insurance, Almost always not covered by a home (homeowners) insurance policy, and usually not by an earthquake insurance policy – therefore it generally […]

Thoughts on Earthquake Insurance

In the last couple of years the world of .   Companies have become more competitive and more standalone insurance carriers have entered the market.  Unlike Flood Insurance, which in certain Special Flood Zones can be required by lenders, Earthquake Insurance is usually not required, even if people live in a high risk area.  Just because […]

Earthquake Insurance in the San Francisco Bay Area – ICAT

Marindependent Insurance Services LLC is proud to announce a new partner to work with covering earthquake insurance in the great state of  California.  We are constantly looking for outstanding insurers to partner with. About ICAT: ICAT has a stand alone residential earthquake policy for homes with coverage A values of less than $2.5 million.   There […]

The Earthquake Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve

Earthquake Shutoff Valve: Automatic Shutoff Valves ( Earthquake Shutoff Valve ) are created to automatically shut off gas flow in the event of an earthquake.  In past major earthquake disasters, much of the damage has been done by fires starting after gas lines ruptured and ignited.   Automatic gas valves may help to prevent this in […]

Who we write insurance with

Marindependent Insurance Services LLC functions as both an Insurance Brokerage and an Insurance Agency.  However, we are primarily California Property and Causality Insurance Brokers.  A broker works for the client where as an Agent works for the Insurance Company.   This is stated just to be perfectly clear that we broker policies and are not […]

What is Unique about Homeowner’s Insurance in San Francisco?

What is unique about writing insurance in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sonoma, and Marin Counties? Why did I start an Independent Insurance Brokerage? When I started selling insurance, I was originally ‘affiliated’ with one insurance carrier.  To be clear, it was a ‘family of insurance companies’ really, which is rather common in the property […]